Official Argument in Favor of Measure H

Capistrano Unified School District SFID #2

Vote YES on H to keep San Clemente and Capistrano Beach schools among the best in California.

Our schools were built more than 50 years ago and need to be modernized. To succeed in college and careers, graduates need a solid background in science, math, engineering and technology. Students who don't go to college need modern career and technical training to compete.

Growing needs for safety in our schools is critical to keep children safe in an everchanging world.  Additionally, aging school buildings don’t meet earthquake safety standards and must be retrofit or replaced.

Voting Yes on H addresses essential upgrades and modernization of facilities and technologies as well as repairs to ensure our schools continue to serve our community for decades to come, including:

  • Providing upgraded classrooms, modern science labs, engineering labs, and career training facilities to prepare students for college and careers in healthcare, biomedical, computer science and robotics
  • Replacing outdated facilities and equipment to meet academic and safety standards
  • Repairing and replacing damaged roofs, support beams, plumbing and electrical systems as needed

Measure H funds will be used to improve San Clemente and Capistrano Beach schools only. These funds can't be taken by the State or diverted to other schools. Yes on H helps our schools qualify for millions in State matching money that will otherwise go to other school communities.

Measure H requires strict accountability including a Citizens' Oversight Committee and independent audits to ensure funds are spent properly. No money can be used for teacher or administrator salaries or pensions.

Supporting local schools is a wise investment. New modern facilities and upgrades increase home values and quality of life in our community. 

Please join parents, teachers, seniors, elected leaders and business leaders and vote Yes on H for San Clemente and Capistrano Beach schools.



s/ Joe Anderson

Former City Councilmember and Mayor 36-year resident

s/ Chris Carter

Principal, San Clemente High School

s/ Jim Holloway

Former San Clemente Community Development Director
32-year resident

s/ Toni Nelson

Retired CPA/Finance Executive

s/ Jim R. Sigafoos

Retired Business Executive
42-year resident

Rebuttal Argument in Favor of Measure H

Capistrano Unified School District SFID #2

Opponents ignore these indisputable facts:

  • San Clemente and Capistrano Beach schools were built decades ago and need urgent repairs and modernization to keep students safe and to support high quality education with competitive facilities.
  • No other funding exists to complete all necessary vital improvements.  Without Measure H, our schools will continue to deteriorate.  Waiting only makes repairs and upgrades more expensive.
  • Quality schools promote strong property values, but our school facilities are falling behind.  Independent research shows sound investments in local schools result in measurable increases in property values.
  • Measure H helps efforts to capture our fair share of state matching funds.  The State has distributed billions to schools in other communities, but we missed out because we did not have required local matching funds.  Without Measure H, we will keep losing our fair share.
  • Measure H is estimated to cost a homeowner with the average assessed value just $11 per month.  We believe this wise investment will keep our schools and neighborhoods attractive to families, thereby increasing home values by much more than the cost.
  • By law, no Measure H funds can be taken away by the State or diverted to schools outside San Clemente and Capistrano Beach. No funds can be used for administrator or teacher salaries or pensions. 

Support our kids and community.  Vote Yes on H to keep our schools and homes among the most desirable in Orange County. 


s/ Mark McGuire

Attorney; SCHS Graduate, Triton

s/ Steve Litchfield

Chief Financial Officer/ Technology Executive
18-year resident

s/ Heather Arnwine

PTA President, San Clemente High School
SCHS Graduate, Triton

s/ Mike Dollar

Retired Fire Captain; SCHS Graduate, Triton

s/ David Hatoff, M.D.

34-year resident