Local Control, Local Oversight

Local Funding for Local Schools

Measure H provides critical funding for nine San Clemente and Capo Beach Schools , many over 50 Years old.

  • San Clemente High School (built 1965)
  • Shorecliffs Middle School (built 1977)
  • Bernice Ayer Middle School (built 1998)
  • Las Palmas Elementary School (built 1927)
  • Concordia Elementary School (built 1959)
  • Palisades Elementary School (built 1964)
  • Truman Benedict Elementary School (built 1988)
  • Clarence Lobo Elementary School (built 1994)
  • Marblehead Elementary School (built 2001)

Local Control

By law, every penny from Measure H must be spent in San Clemente and Capistrano Beach to improve our schools.

Money must be used locally and by law cannot be taken away by the State, used for other purposes, or diverted to other schools.

Proceeds from Measure H can only be used to complete critical safety improvements and modernization for the nine schools in San Clemente and Capistrano Beach.

By law, no funds can be used for teacher or administrator salaries or pensions.

Why do you support Measure H?

“Our schools are in need of updating.”

—Lisa Kerr

Local Oversight

An Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee will ensure that funds for Measure H are spent as intended by the voters.

This committee must include at least one member from the business community, a senior citizens group, a tax-payer organization, parent of district student, a parent active in a parent-teacher organization, and a community-at-large representative.

No employee, official, vendor, contractor or consultant of the district may serve on the committee.


A clear system of accountability including a detailed project list identifying how the money will be used, and yearly project and financial audits will be available to the public.

By law, no money from Measure H can be used for administrators' or teachers' salaries or pensions.

Measure H funds are only for our school facilities and kids!